From the warm Panamanian lands we enter the magical world of the Neoclassical guitarist, Olmedo Cruz, who has delighted us for years with his fantastic chords and metal riffs. From a very early age he was attracted to the musical world and discovered that his real passion was the guitar.
He has belonged to several bands since his youth, but decided to start a solo project and create new instrumental music influenced by the “Gods of the guitar”.
His curriculum is very extensive, in his country, he has performed, as soloist, several presentations at festivals and events, most of all in the years 2013 and 2014, he has also recorded 2 official video clips, the first called “Despierta de Sueño” and was invited to the cultural program “FusionArte” of SER-TV Channel 11 of Panama.

In 2014 he began recording sessions of what would be his first record, which was released the following year at the well-known Panama rock and metal bar “Hangar 18”.
The music of Olmedo Cruz and his band quickly became the taste of lovers of the good Neo-Classic Heavy. He was also invited to several radio programs, interviews in national newspapers and web pages.
Already in the year 2107, decided to undertake the recording of his second album “Caminos Lejanos” where he includes songs sung with written lyrics, in which he reveals himself as a singer, achieving even more acceptance in the public.
They release the video clip of the first single of the album called, “Tocando la eternidad”, the shots of this video are incredible, since they use as a scenario: the Ruins of Panama la Vieja, an emblematic place in the country and with a lot of charm.
The promotion of these first songs was very intense throughout the region, as in the famous “Hard Rock Cafe” of Panama City and also their live performances are deployed and played as the main band in different festivals in the Provinces of Santiago and Chiriquí de Panama.
On April 21, 2018, they officially release their second album at the Discos Fair: Pizza y Vinyl at Telepizza Panamá, where they hold a press conference with a live broadcast of the country’s favorite program Blood Rock TV, hosted by Oscar Mendoza.
In our Salvadoran program “Metal Invaders” we broadcast a report by the Olmedo Cruz Band and premiered the video clip titled “Recuerdos” and received a very positive “feedback” regarding the audience, getting numerous fans in the country and internationally.
But Olmedo Cruz continues to work hard on 2 new singles that will be part of an EP that will be held in 2019.

オルメドクルズ  “ギターの戦士”

彼のカリキュラムは非常に広範囲であり、彼はソリストとして、フェスティバルやイベントで数回のプレゼンテーションを行い、2013年から2014年にかけて、彼は2つの公式ビデオクリップを録音しました。最初は「Despierta deSueño」と呼ばれます。そしてパナマのSER-TVチャンネル11の文化プログラム「FusionArte」に招待されました。

2014年に彼は翌年有名なパナマロック&メタルバー “Hangar 18″でリリースされた彼の最初のレコードとなるもののセッションを録音し始めました。
すでに2107年に、彼は彼が公衆のさらに多くの受け入れを達成し、彼が歌手として自分自身を明らかにし、書かれた歌詞で歌われた曲が含まれている彼のセカンドアルバム “Caminos Lejanos”のレコーディングを引き受けることを決めた。
彼らはシナリオとして使用するので、彼らはシナリオとして使用するので、彼らはこのアルバムの最初のシングル “Tocando la eternidad”のビデオクリップをリリースします。このビデオのショットは信じられないほどです。たくさんの魅力。
これらの最初の曲の宣伝は、パナマシティの有名な “Hard Rock Cafe”のように、地域全体で非常に激しく、また彼らのライブパフォーマンスは、SantiagoとChiriquíde Panamaの各州でメインバンドとして展開され演奏されます。 。
2018年4月21日、彼らはTelepizzaPanamáのDiscos Fair:Pizza y Vinylで正式にセカンドアルバムをリリースし、そこでオスカーメンドーサが主催する国内で最も人気のある番組Blood Rock TVによる生放送で記者会見を開きます。
Salvadoranの番組「Metal Invaders」では、Olmedo Cruz Bandによるレポートを放送し、「Recuerdos」というタイトルのビデオクリップを初公開し、国内外で多くのファンを獲得し、観客に関する非常に前向きな「フィードバック」を受け取りました。
しかしOlmedo Cruzは、2019年に開催されるEPの一部となる2つの新しいシングルに懸命に取り組んでいます。


Metal Invader interview

Interview with the great Panamanian Neoclásico guitarist Olmedo Cruz.
1. Thank you Olmedo for giving us your time, welcome to the digital magazine “La Maga”, to start, we want to know, how did you get started in the music scene?
I started in the music scene playing guitar, with folk music classes in Panama, then I went to the National University of Panama and I got to know other musical genres.
2. Why did you opt for the elaborate style of neoclassical metal, which is not so common in your country?
Neoclassical metal is not common in Panama, but I’m a fan of classical music and that’s why I was inclined to that more elaborate style.
3. When listening to your music can we notice much the influence of Malsteen, which other musicians inspire you?
It’s my influence, right… But I’m also a fan of Ritchie Blackmore, Walter Giardino, Vinnie Moore and Michael Romero.
4. In which bands did you participate before, before launching as a soloist?
In the decade of the 90’s I was in a band called Alto Grado, also in the PHB, Alquimia, Deyabú and Medieval Warrior, in the latter, I managed to make an album with 10 tracks, still playing with only 2 members of the old band.
5. With which musician would you like to work?
I would like to be able to work with Walter Giardino, but of course if there is an opportunity to work with another famous musician I would accept.
6. How do you see the current metal scene in Panama?
Panama, it is not a country where there is a big scene, the few rockers that there are, are divided by many rock music genres, but there are events every weekend and I think that will help to improve the scene, but if There are many bands of Hardcore Metal, Black, Commercial Rock, Punk and more.
7. Tell us about your latest album “Caminos Lejanos”, what is this album about, how was the production process?
This album looks for that essence lost in music, I always try to compose songs that different people with different musical tastes like, within my style I look for that, whether instrumental or with lyrics, I look for people to have something sounding in his memory.
8. What difference did “Caminos Lejanos” have with respect to your first album?
It had a big difference with respect to the first record, it was only instrumental.

Written by:
Beatriz Menéndez
Iván Lara
Metal Invaders, WOWTV
El Salvador

1.オルメド、デジタルマガジン「La Maga」へようこそ。ありがとうございます。ミュージックシーンでどのように始めましたか。
90年代の10年間で私はAlto Grado、PHB、Alquimia、DeyabúそしてMedieval Warriorのバンドにもいましたが、後者では10トラックでアルバムを作ることに成功しました。
私はWalter Giardinoと一緒に仕事をしたいと思っていますが、もちろん、他の有名なミュージシャンと仕事をする機会があれば、受け入れてもらいたいのです。
7.最新アルバム「Caminos Lejanos」について教えてください。このアルバムについて教えてください。制作プロセスはどうでしたか。
このアルバムは音楽で失われたその本質を探し、私はいつも自分のスタイルの中で、私のスタイルの中で、自分の記憶の中に何かを持っている人を探しています。 。
8. “Caminos Lejanos”はあなたのファーストアルバムとどのような違いがありましたか

Metal Invaders, WOWTV