Mariano Calvo

Mariano Calvo

Biography Mariano Calvo Ruiz The Metal sung with the Heart! A young promise of the metal has emerged in Argentina, possessor of a clean and crystal clear voice, is managing to break boundaries and is currently the voice of the intro song of the Argentine radio program “LaMúsicaes Todo” conducted by Gabriel Gutiérrez and Beth Ruiz. Mariano was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from a very young age, he had contact with music, because his maternal grandfather was a great musician playing the saxophone and he loved Jazz. And since he had music in his veins, he began to play the keyboards very small, then to play the guitar from the age of 14 and in 18 he declined to sing, especially in the fields of Heavy and Power, which fits him perfectly, thanks to his very clean and worked voice. He was in numerous small bands, first as a keyboardist and bassist of Fuera de Peligro (rock band) in 2008. He then participated in the project of Javier Retamozo, (ex Rata Blanca) from 2012 to 2015. He has composed several songs of his own, the last one is called “Ladrón de Almas” and was premiered in the program “Music is Everything”.

マリアーノ・カルヴォ・ルイス 心に響く金属 アルゼンチンでは、清潔で明瞭な声を持って、金属の新しい約束が生まれ、現在は、GabrielGutiérrezとBeth Ruizによるアルゼンチンのラジオ番組「LaMúsicaes Todo」のイントロ曲の声です。 彼の母方の祖父はサックスを演奏する偉大なミュージシャンであり、彼はジャズが大好きだったので、MarianoはアルゼンチンのBuenos Airesで生まれました。  そして彼は彼の静脈に音楽を持っていたので、彼は14歳からギターを弾くために非常に小さい鍵盤を弾き始め、そして18歳で彼は彼に合ったヘビーとパワーの分野で、特に歌うことを辞退した。彼のとても清潔で働きやすい声のおかげで完璧です。 彼は2008年にFuera de Peligro(ロックバンド)のキーボード奏者およびベーシストとして多数の小さなバンドで活動していました。その後、2012年から2015年までJavier Retamozo(Rata Blanca)のプロジェクトに参加しました。 彼は自分自身でいくつかの曲を作曲し、最後の曲は “Ladrónde Almas”と呼ばれ、 “Music is Everything”プログラムで初演されました。


Metal Invaders interview

1. Mariano, how did you start in music?
I started at a very young age, first playing the keyboard, to then continue with the guitar and finally discovering that I had the aptitude to sing.
2. What are your favorite singers?
Well, without a specific order they are: Michael Kiske, Bruce Dickinson, Freddy Mercury, Ronnie James Dio, Fabio Lione, Diego Valdez, Andi Deris, etc.
3. We see that you have a lot of influence from the Heavy and the Power. Have you thought about creating a band with this style?
Yes, although I have not yet found the right people to carry it out.
4. Tell us a little about your voice teachers and the studies you have done.
Although when I started playing guitar when I was very young, I took classes, which were the basis and the starting point. But I am self-taught in music. Already great if I took singing lessons with Mr. Diego Valdez (Dream Child, Iron Mask) which have helped me greatly improve my voice.
5. Have you belonged to a band before?
Yes, several. I was in Kerigma, Soul Hunter, Neodymium, Rise, The Alamo, etc.
6. You are the official voice of the radio program “Music is Everything”, right ?. Why did you choose the song Eagle Fly Free?
It’s a great song and the interpretation was very much appreciated (beyond the differences with the original version). I think the meaning of the song identifies the motto of the program, for example, as part of the chorus says: “… The eagle flies free, let people see, just make their way …”.
7. What are your plans for the future?
Arming a Heavy Metal band, in which I can turn all my ideas and influences.
8. What musician would you like to work with in the future?
There is nobody in particular, but I would like to be able to meet the right people to make the music as I like it.
9. Your mother, Beth Ruiz, is a great communicator of metal in Argentina, tell me … did she influence you to follow the path of metal?
Both she and my father have always supported me and have been of great influence to me.
10. Thank you very much Mariano for your time. You have a promising future. Something you would like to add?
Yes, I thank you and “La Maga” for the praise and the opportunity of the interview.
Mariano, owner without a doubt, of a promising voice that surely we will be listening frequently in the future in some band of Heavy Metal. Meanwhile you can listen to his voice in the intro of the aforementioned radio program and follow him on social networks (Instagram and Facebook) such as: Mariano Calvo Ruiz and SoundCloud, you can enjoy both their own songs and the covers he has made. Follow him now and enjoy the best metal sung with the soul.
Written by:
Beatriz Menéndez
Iván Lara
Metal Invaders, WOWTV
El Salvador

私が幼い頃からギターを弾き始めたとき、私は授業を受けましたが、それが基本であり出発点でした。しかし、私は音楽で独学です。 Diego Valdez氏(Dream Child、Iron Mask)と一緒に歌のレッスンを受けたことがあれば、すでに素晴らしいです。
あなたはラジオ番組 “Music is Everything”の公式の声ですよね?なぜEagle Fly Freeという曲を選んだのですか?
はい、私はあなたと「La Maga」と称賛と面接の機会に感謝します。
Metal Invaders、WOWTV