Doc Marten and The Flannels

Doc Marten and The Flannels


Doc Marten and the Flannels is the nation’s premier tribute to music of the 90's. Touring the East Coast of the US since 2008, the band has played over 500 shows and has developed a truly unique show for die-hards and casual fans alike.

“the most authentic grunge I’ve ever heard!” 

“If you close your eyes you would swear you are at a (insert 90's band name) concert”

Doc MartenとFlannelsは、90年代の音楽に対する国家の賛辞です。 2008年以来、アメリカの東海岸をツアーしているバンドは、500以上のショーを演奏しており、ダイハードやカジュアルファンのために本当にユニークなショーを開発しました。




- Billy - Lead Vocals
- Ralph - Guitar and Backing Vocals
- Keith - Bass and Backing Vocals
- Chris - Guitar and Backing Vocals
- Anthony - Percussion